Next Big Things: Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration at Harvard Medical School


Friday, April 26, 2019, 12:00pm to 3:00pm


TMEC Atrium and Amphitheater (260 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA)

Next Big Things Program

12PM - 1PM Talks@12: Next Big Things TMEC Amphitheater
1PM - 3PM

Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration at HMS

TMEC Atrium
1:30PM - 2PM Presentation by Dean Daley and Lightning Talks TMEC Amphitheater


Talks@12: Next Big Things



David Golan

Dean for Research Operations and Global Programs

Featured Speakers

Richard Frank

Margaret T. Morris Professor of Health Care Policy

"Understanding the idiosyncratic performance of the generic pharaceutical market"


Sloan Devlin

Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

"Control of gut bacterial bile acid metabolism using small molecules"


Peter Sorger

Otto Krayer Professor of Systems Pharmacology

"The future of precision medicine"


Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration at HMS


Featured Presentation

George Q. Daley

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Poster Lightning Talks

Fenna Krienen

Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Genetics

"Evolutional novelties in primate brains revealed by single-cell RNA-seq"


Krishna Padmanabha Das

Research Fellow, Dept. of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

"DNA-corralled nanodiscs for studies of large membrane 


Katherine Redfield

M.D. Candidate, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology

"Engineering a novel approach to pancreatitis"


Lauren Orefice

Assistant Professor of Genetics, HMS;

Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, MGH

"Targeting peripheral somatosensory neurons to improve tactile and beahvioral phenotypes in ASD"


Poster Showcase

  1. Charles Weitz, Alan Brown: "Cryo-EM analysis of a mammalian circadian clock complexes"
  2. Michael Springer: "Quantitative foldable viral detection; development of at home diagnostics"
  3. Sloan Devlin: "Small molecule inhibitor of gut bacterial bile salt hydrolases"
  4. Sloan Devlin, Jun Huh: "Immunomodulatory metabolites from gut bacteria and their role in inflammatory bowel diseases"
  5. Stephen Blacklow, Tomas Kirchausen: "New microscopy to study mechanisms of Notch signaling"
  6. Stephen Blacklow: "Structural reorgnization of SHP2 by oncogenic mutations and its potential for reversal by allosteric inhibitors"
  7. Donald Coen: "Development of new compounds that inhibit the human cytomegalovirus nuclear egress complex"
  8. David Knipe, Donald Coen: "Use of iPSC-derived sensory neurons for molecular studies of herpes simplex virus latent infection"
  9. Pamela Silver, Dennis Kasper: "Seeing in dark places: probing bacterial regulation in the mammalian gut using engineered living biosensors"
  10. Peter Park: "Antisense oligonucleotide-based ganulin augmentation therapy in neurodegenerative diseases"
  11. Pascal Kaeser, John Assad, Peng Yin: "Mechanisms and functions of rapid dopamine coding"
  12. Michael Greenberg: "Next-generation AAV therapies for the management of intractable chronic pain"
  13. Amy Wagers, Ya-Chieh Hsu, Diane Mathis: "Regulatory T cell control of stem/progenitor cells during tissue regeneration"
  14. David Corey: "Gene therapy for hereditary deafness"
  15. David Golan, Mihaela Gadjeva: "Inhibition of P. falciparum intra-erythrocytic development by ibudilast and ibudilast-like small molecules"
  16. Ifat Rubin-Bejerano: "The HMS Q-FASTR Program identifies, supports, and expedites translational research with commercialization potential"
  17. Tim Mitchison, Ifat Rubin-Bejerano, Catherine Dubreuil, Andrea Chen, Jeffrey Way: "I-Hub (Ideation Hub)"
  18. Caroline Shamu, Katrina Rudnicki, Andrea Chen: "Harvard Medical School Foundry"
  19. Peter Sorger, Laura Maliszewski, Florence Bourgeouis, Monica Ruse, Helen Yang: "Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science Fellowship Program"
  20. Daniel Finley, Ying Lu: "Proteasome regulation and the ubiquitin code"
  21. Jan Drugowitsch, Rachel Wilson: "Neural correlates of uncertainty"
  22. Adrian Salic: "PKD-dependent recruitment of Glis3 to primary cilia"
  23. Gary Yellen, Nathalie Agar: "Mass spectrometry metabolomics in brain slice with time- and cell-type-resolution"
  24. Darren Higgins, Marcia Goldberg, Jonathan Kagan, Eric Rubin, Michael Starnbach: "Bacterial Pathogenesis Initiative at Harvard: host-pathogen interactions at barrier surfaces"
  25. Gerhard Wagner, William Shi: "DNA-corralled nanodiscs for studies of large membrane proteins and their complexes"
  26. Andrew Kruse, Debora Marks, David Rudner: "Exit from dromancy: the molecular mechanisms underlying spore germination"
  27. Richard Frank, Thomas McGuire: TBD
  28. Corey Harwell, Wei-Chung Lee: "Hedgehog signaling mediated neuron-astrocyte crosstalk during cortical circuit assembly"
  29. Lee Rubin, Isaac Kohane: "Combining iPSC biology and electroic health records to personalize treatments for neurological disorders"
  30. Gordon Fishell, Steve McCarroll: "Gene regulatory network reconstruction using single-cell RNA sequencing"
  31. Marc Kirschner, Fernando Camargo: "A dynamic understanding of YAP activity uncouples its cell autonomous vs. non-autonomous effects in vitro and in vivo"
  32. Isaac Chiu, Stephen Liberles: "Neural control of infection responses and sickness behavior"
  33. Isaac Chiu: "Botulinum neurotoxins to treat bacterial infections"
  34. Joe Loparo, Johannes Walter: "The mechanism of pathway choice in DNA double strand break repair"
  35. Christopher Harvey, David Ginty: "Contribution of peripheral mechanoreceptor subtypes to the functional organization of somatosensory cortex"
  36. David Ginty: "Targeting peripheral somatosensory neurons to improve tactile and behavior phenotypes in ASD"