Required Coursework

Core to all TGP students

  • BCMP 301QC - Translational Pharmacology
  • BCMP 236 - Modern Drug Discovery: From Principles to Patients
  • CELLBIO 302QC - Experimental Design for Biologists

Selective Modules

  • Human physiology and/or human toxicology focused coursework. (4 credits or equivalent, examples below):

    • HBTM 235 - Pathophysiology (4 credits)
    • BPH 215 - Molecular and Translational Toxicology (4 credits)
    • MIT Biology 7.20 - Human Physiology
    • HMX class physiology (online course)
    • etc.
  • Quantitative and/or computational coursework focused on programming, data analysis, modelling, and/or biostatistics. (4 credits or equivalent, examples below):

    • MED-SCI 210 - Intro to Matlab, Statistics, and Dynamical Systems for Mathematical Biology in Pharma and Biotech
    • MIT 6.0001 - Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python
    • etc.

Note: specific course selections and online learning options will be posted on the resources page

  • One 4 credit elective

    • See list of selected examples of electives on the electives page


If you have questions regarding the curricula please contact Catherine Dubreuil: