About I-Hub

What is the Ideation Hub?

I-Hub, or the Ideation Hub, is a new initiative at Harvard Medical School that aims to build community and catalyze ideation in therapeutics science, help faculty and students assemble interdisciplinary teams to prosecute translational projects, and provide early-stage support through Q-FASTR research grants.

Our Core Programs

  • Q-FASTR (Quadrangle Fund for Advancing and Seeding Translational Research)
  •  BTIP (Bridges to Industry Program)
  • REACH (NIH Research Evaluation and Commercialization Hub)
  • VIS (Visting Industry Scientists)
  • TIFP (Therapeutics Innovation Fellows Program)
  • DTG (Disease and Technology Groups)
  • TGP (Therapeutics Graduate Program)

Therapeutics at HMS