Disease & Technology Groups

Undertake New Challenges in the Field

I-Hub will launch small working groups to tackle challenging programs in disease and/or technology in science today. The goal of the Disease & Technology Groups at I-Hub is to catalyze translational research ideation, followed by action, and address hard problems and unmet medical needs. I-Hub will help faculty convene working groups and leverage time and resources by providing ideation, fundraising, and management support through a dedicated fellows program.

Connect with the CommunityD&T Group

Drug discovery and diagnostics projects generally require a team with expertise in multiple areas. Our goal is to connect different people from various backgrounds and expertise to facilitate the exchange of ideas and collaboration

Work with a Therapeutics Innovation Fellow

Therapeutics Innovation Fellows will organize collaborative research programs across small faculty groups linked by common interest in a disease or technology. The Therapeutics Innovation Fellows will organizing, manage, and help raise funds for these collaborative programs. For more information, click here.

Interested in forming a Disease & Technology Group?

Take our survey here (link) to provide your input.