Therapeutics Innovation Fellows Program

The goal of the Therapeutics Innovation Fellowship (TIFs) Program is to promote translational research at HMS through the effort of a cadre of post-doctoral fellows who will use the training program as a stepping stone to careers in research organization. The fellows will work with HMS faculty to organize, manage, and raise funds for translational research programs. We envisage these programs starting in HMS labs and moving to the HMS Translator, pharma collaborations, new companies, etc. Based on preliminary conversations with faculty, we anticipate fellows supporting disease- and technology-oriented faculty research groups comprising several collaborating PIs and clinicians, as well as individual faculty projects. TIFs will build cohesion between collaborating labs and possibly help establish new collaborations. The fellows will leverage faculty time, coordinate the effort of students and postdocs, and bring in outside expertise to advise and support the research group. They will also work with faculty on fundraising and business plan development.

Therapeutics Innovation Fellowship Program

Therapeutics Innovation Fellows will spend up to three years in the program and will be mentored by academic and industry scientists/managers. Approximately 80% of the fellow’s time will be a practicum dedicated to supporting translational ideation, fundraising and project work, and 20% to individual training and scholarship through the curriculum. The practicum (service) component will be highly flexible, but it will typically include project organizing and managing, identification of funding sources, and helping to fundraise for collaborative and individual PI programs. In the training component, all fellows will take a core curriculum, which aims at rapid development of the skills they need to support and manage research projects. We will also encourage more specialized training relevant to the fellow’s project work and career goals through elective classes and individual mentorship.