Core Curriculum

Project Management Training and Communications

The 7-day PMI course offered through Harvard’s Training Portal/LinkedIn Learning will be a required course. Fellows will learn the McKinsey approach to project management with the option to take additional management classes offered through and attain a PMP Management Certificate. Fellows will also receive formal training in written and oral communication appropriate to their practicum and career goals. Competencies in project management training and communications will include decision-making support and fundraising. TIFs will be prepared to handle structured and unstructured problems, including developing models for analyzing alternative actions of solution, choice, and implementation. Additionally, we will create a new course in fundraising taught by HMS faculty/staff in a flexible workshop format that emphasizes participation and peer-to-peer learning. This course will cover grant writing (federal, state and foundation), industry collaborations, philanthropy, venture capital (business plans and pitching). We anticipate opening the class to HMS Junior faculty.

Quality Control and Research Reproducibility

Validation of reproducibility and robustness is crucial for successful commercialization of research projects. A practical curriculum, developed with the help of HMS Core Directors, will provide rigorous training on quality control and research reproducibility.

Contract Research Organizations and Outsourcing

TIFs will work with the Office of Technology Development and HMS Translator staff to gather and collate information relevant to research outsourcing, and to serve as a local source of expertise in this increasingly important approach to achieving project goals.