Program Overview


The Therapeutics Graduate Program (TGP) provides students with the scientific, laboratory, computational, and professional skills needed to excel in academic and biopharmaceutical careers. We strive to create a diverse, inclusive, and engaged community of students and faculty with shared interests in therapeutics, and provide a collaborative, respectful, and stimulating environment. TGP offers rigorous multidisciplinary training in the sciences relevant to therapeutics discovery, development, and applications to improve the treatment of disease. We provide students with hands-on experiences and networking opportunities that will open fulfilling careers and leadership trajectories in the field of therapeutics.



  • Create a diverse and inclusive community
  • Link training to real-world experiences/internship
  • Develop professional and career skills
  • Enhance research rigor and reproducibility
  • Teach core concepts in therapeutics:
    • Drug action and mechanism
    • Target identification and validation
    • Pharmacodynamics
    • Pharmacokinetics
    • Toxicity/adverse events
    • Regulatory sciences

Core Curriculum (Coursework)