TGP Internship Overview

The TGP provides a unique and outstanding opportunity for student career development through its flagship internship program. Each student is required to complete an internship in one of many therapeutics-related fields, including (but not limited to) positions in industry, academia, and government (see graph below). Students interested in alternative internship opportunities are strongly encouraged, the TGP is committed to helping its students find the right internship match. 

Internships average about three months, with a minimum requirement of two months maximum of four months. Students will be eligible to start their internship as early as the summer of their G1-G2 year, and must complete it by no later than the end of the G4 year. Timing of each internship will be coordinated with the home program (BBS, Chem Bio, etc.) and a student's thesis advisor. 

Even with the internship TGP student time-to-degree is shorter than that of the HILS average, coming in at 5.1 years as of October 1, 2019.

Breakdown of Previous TGP Internships by Field and Number of Students